Brief Biography of Hazrat Khadija (AS)

Birth and Geneology

Hazrat Khadija(SA) was the principal spouse of the Sacred Prophet(pbuh&hf). She was brought into the world in Makka. Her dad’s name was Khuwaylid canister Asad, and he was a rich broker.

The Geneology of both Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) and Hazrat Khadija(SA) was a similar coming to upto Qusayy.

Early Life

Her mom and father both passed on in something like 10 years of one another. Their abundance was separated among the kids yet it was Hazrat khadija(SA) who assumed control over the privately-run company and extended it. With the benefit she made she helped poor people, widows, vagrants, debilitated and the incapacitated individuals of Makka.

She had a cousin called Waraqa container Naufal who was exceptionally educated man and who was not an icon admirer. Both Waraqa and Hazrat Khadija were monothiests and had faith in one Allah.

First contact with Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf)

Due to her phenomenal Akhlaq the Bedouins (who around then used to peer downward on ladies) called her Tahira – the unadulterated one. She was otherwise called the ‘Princess of Makkah’ in light of her riches. A great deal of Bedouin aristocrats and princess needed to wed her yet she declined every one of them.

In 595 Promotion, Hazrat Khadija was searching for somebody to be responsible for her band to Syria. Hazrat Abu Talib(AS) recommended the Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) to her. She had known about his dependability and consented to utilize him in spite of the fact that he didn’t have a lot exchanging experience. To help him she sent her slave Maysara.

The exchanging procession was an extraordinary achievement and when Hazrat Khadija(SA) knew about the Prophet’s abilities and superb lead, she turned into his admirer.

Marriage with Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf)

Before long it was set up for Hazrat Khadija(SA) to be hitched to the Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf). Around then, Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) was matured 25 and Hazrat Khadija(SA) was 40 years old.

As per Shiite custom, this was her most memorable marriage and that she was not a widow as is described by non-shiite sources. Hazrat Abu Talib(AS) read the Nikah in the interest of the Prophet while Waqara container Noufal read it for Hazrat Khadija.

Hazrat Abu Talib(AS) paid the mehr for his nephew and took care of individuals of Makka for 3 days in festival. Hazrat Khadija too took care of individuals. The marriage was an extremely cheerful one and their most memorable youngster was a child called Qasim. The second was Abdullah. Both passed on in outset. Their third and last kid was Hazrat Fatema Zahra(SA).

Her administrations for Islam

At the point when the Prophet used to go to reflect in the cavern of Hira on Jabel-e-Noor, it was Hazrat Khadija(SA) herself who might ascend there to give him his food and necesseries. She was the primary individual to acknowledge Islam as instructed by the Prophet(pbuh&hf).

In 616 Promotion, the Quraish separated the Bani Hashim (the group of the Prophet) and they took shelter in a gorge called Shib-e-Abu Talib. Hazrat Khadija(SA) was there as well and it was her riches (which she gave for Islam) that supported the Muslims around then. The attack went on for a considerable length of time during which time they encountered yearning, thirst, and the cold and intensity of the desert.

Her Passing

Hazrat Khadija(SA) was hitched to the Blessed Prophet(pbuh&hf) for quite some time. Shed kicked the bucket in 619 Promotion on the tenth of Rmazan 3 years before the Hijrah. At the point when she kicked the bucket nothing was left of her abundance – every last bit of it was served for the spread of Islam.

She was covered in Makkah in a shroud of the Sacred Prophet(pbuh&hf). Hazrat Abu Talib(AS) passed on in this year as well. The Prophet(pbuh&hf) called the year Aam-ul-Huzn (the time of misery).

While Hazrat Khadija(SA) lived, the Blessed Prophet(pbuh&hf) didn’t wed another lady and in later years he generally said that she was awesome of his spouses.

He additionally said that she was one of the four amazing ladies who had at any point lived. The other three are Hazrat Aasiya, the spouse of Firaun, Hazrat Maryam, the mother of Prophet Isa(AS), and Hazrat Fatima Zahra(s.a.).

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