Brief Life Story of Prophet Nuh (A.S.)

Prophet Nuh (AS) was one of the prophets sent from Allah(SWT), and an entire surah, Surah Nuh, has been devoted to him. Allah(SWT) has lauded Nuh (AS) in Quran as

“Appreciative Worker of Allah” and “Genuine Courier of Allah”

Presently, as we discuss the account of Prophet Nuh (AS), numerous occasions imprint till its finish.

As years went by, individuals on Earth were rehearsing worshipful admiration. This act came into training to such an extent that at whatever point one of the great individuals passed on, their sculptures were made to keep a recognition, and ultimately; the approaching ages started to revere them by regarding them as divine beings. They accepted that these divine beings would bring them great, safeguard them from evil, and satisfy their requirements. They gave their venerated image names like Waadan, Nasran, etc. Initially, these were the names of good individuals who had lived among them.

It was then that Allah (SWT) sent Prophet Nuh (AS) to direct his kin back to the correct way of Allah. He was a brilliant speaker and an exceptionally tolerant man. He used to bring up to his kin the secrets of life and the miracles of the universe. Prophet Nuh (AS) more than once told his kin not to venerate anybody except Allah. He explained to them how Satan had fooled them for such a long time and that the opportunity had arrived for this double-dealing to stop. This went on for north of 900 years of his life, teaching that there would be the discipline of the Inferno, assuming they rebelled. In any case, just the powerless and needy individuals, including the workers, accepted him, not the rich. The rich ones, loaded with a cold questions, haggled with poor people and told Prophet Nuh (AS) to ease off from his intention. These doubters said:

” We don’t see you yet as a man such as ourselves, and we don’t see you followed besides by the individuals who are the most reduced of us [and] at first idea. Furthermore, we don’t find in you any legitimacy; rather, we think you are liars. (Surah Hud 13:27)

Be that as it may, Prophet Nuh (AS) wouldn’t surrender and give sensible reasons. The skeptics further contended and said:

” They said: “O Nuh (Noah)! You have questioned with us and drawn out the debate with us, presently bring upon us what you compromise us with, assuming you are honest.” (Surah Hud 13:32)

Hazrat Nuh(AS) then, at that point, said:

” He said: “Just Allah will present to it (the discipline) on you, on the off chance that He will, and you will escape not. Also, my recommendation won’t benefit you, regardless of whether I wish to give you great direction if Allah’s Will is to keep you adrift. He is your Ruler! furthermore, to Him, you will return.” (Surah Hud 13:33-34)

Notwithstanding his honest contentions, he kept persuading his kin to put stock in Allah for many hours, days, and years. Also, at whatever point he called them to Allah, they either took off from him or put their fingers in their ears and turned out to be too glad even to consider paying attention to reality. He understood the additional time that his endeavors were clearly to no end.

Subsequently, he became drained and miserable; asked Allah (SWT) to eradicate the non-devotees. As Quran says:

” And Nuh (Noah) said: “My Master! Leave not one of the doubters on the earth! On the off chance that You leave them, they will delude Your slaves, and they will bring forth none yet underhanded doubters.” ” (Surah Nuh 71:26-27)

Allah (SWT) then, at that point, acknowledged his request and asked Prophet Noah (AS) to fabricate an Ark away from the ocean with wood and apparatuses. As non-adherents saw these arrangements, they taunted him thinking he went frantic. As Quran says:

“Furthermore, build the boat under Our Eyes and with Our Motivation, and address Me not for the people who fouled up; they are certainly to be suffocated.” (Surah Hud 13:37)

To answer the jokes of the doubters, Prophet Nuh (AS) said:

“Furthermore, you will realize who will get a discipline that will shame him [on earth] and upon whom will plummet a persevering through discipline [in the Hereafter].” (Surah Hud 13:39)

In the long run, when the Ark was constructed, Prophet Noah (AS) and his adherents persistently sat tight for the order of Allah (SWT). Allah uncovered that when water inexplicably spouted forward from the stove at Prophet Noah’s(AS) house, that would indicate the beginning of the flood and the sign for Prophet Nuh (AS) to make a move.

The day then, at that point, showed up and water marvelously down-poured over the inhabitants, coming about as a weighty downpour. Prophet Noah (AS) opened the Ark and permitted the devotees and creatures to come inside, of which there were roughly 80 individuals. Individuals and creatures were two by two to such an extent that their ages could flourish and they wouldn’t become wiped out.

The non-devotees, including Prophet Noah’s(AS) spouse and one of his children, didn’t enter, notwithstanding his call. Prophet Nuh (AS) said:

…..”O my child, get on with us and be not with the doubters.” (Surah Hud 13:42)

Be that as it may, his child didn’t tune in and said:

“I will take shelter on a mountain to safeguard me from the water.” [Noah] said, “There is no defender today from the declaration of Allah, with the exception of whom He gives kindness.” And the waves separated them, and he was among the suffocated. (Surah Hud 13:43)

At last, the waves cleared all the non-adherents, which included Hazrat Nuh’s(AS) child and spouse.

A while later, when the water was consumed, Prophet Noah (AS) was miserable and wept because his child and spouse didn’t comply with the expressions of Allah (SWT). However, Prophet Noah(AS) looked for Allah’s(SWT) leniency. He let everyone out of the Ark, and life returned to ordinary practice on The planet.

In the end, Hazrat Nuh (AS) died, and his last counsel to his child was to love Allah (SWT) alone.

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