Dhu al-Hijja

Dhu al-Hijja (Arabic: ذُوٱلْحِجَّة, additionally spelled Zu al-Hijja, is the twelfth and last month in the Islamic schedule. It is an exceptionally hallowed month in the Islamic schedule, one where the Ḥajj (Journey) happens as well as the Celebration of the Penance.

“Dhu al-Hijja” in a real sense signifies “Holder of the Journey” or “The Period of the Journey.” This month, Muslim pioneers from around the world gather at Mecca to visit the Kaaba. The Hajj is performed on the eighth, 10th, and tenth of this current month. Day of Arafah happens on the 10th of the month. Eid al-Adha, the “Celebration of the Penance,” starts on the 10th day and closes on the dusk of the thirteenth.


As per Islamic customs, the initial 10 days of Dhu al-Hijja are the most honored were to carry out beneficial things as per Imam Ali: “9-10 Dhu al Hajja are the greatest days for nikah relations.”

Described Ibn Abbas: The Prophet (harmony and favors of Allah arrive) said, “No decent deeds done on different days are better than those done on these (initial ten days of Dhu al-Hijja).” Then a few partners of the Prophet said, “Not even Jihad?” He answered, “Not even Jihad, then again, actually of a man who does it by endangering himself and his property (for the wellbeing of Allah) and doesn’t get back with any of those things.” (Revealed by Tirmidhi)

Muhammad used to quick the initial nine days of this month, inferable from their apparent excellence.

One of the wives[vague] of Muhammad said: “Allah’s Courier used to quick the [first] nine days of Dhul-Hijjah, the day of ‘Ashurah, and three days of every month.”


The Islamic schedule is a lunar schedule, and months start when the new moon is located. Since the Islamic lunar schedule year is 11 to 12 days more limited than the sun-based year, Dhu al-Hijja relocates all through the seasons. The assessed start and end dates for Dhu al-Hijja, in view of the Umm al-Qura schedule of Saudi Arabia.

Extraordinary days

  • The initial 9 days of Dhu al-Hijja for fasting
  • The initial 10 evenings of Dhu al-Hijja for standing (Qiyaam) in Tahajjud
  • The eighth, ninth, and tenth of Dhu al-Hijja as the times of Hajj
  • The ninth of Dhu al-Hijja as the Day of Arafah
  • TakbirutTashreeq is seen from the 9 Dhu al-Hijja to 13 Dhu al-Hijja
  • The tenth of Dhu al-Hijja is The evening of Eid
  • Eid al-Adha (Celebration of the Penance) starts on the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijja and closes at the dusk of the thirteenth Dhu al-Hijja
  • Eighteenth Dhu al-Hijja – Eid-al-Ghadeer

Reward for fasting and Tahajjud

As per the hadith, extraordinary prizes have been referenced for fasting the initial nine days of Dhu al-Hijja and remaining in love (Tahajjud) in the initial 10 evenings of Dhu al-Hijja:

The Prophet of Allah said: There are no days more darling to Allah that he be venerated in them than the ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah, fasting each day of them is comparable to fasting a year, and standing each evening of them (in Salaah) is identical to remaining The evening of Qadr.

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