<strong>Hazrat Bilal</strong>

Bilal ibnRabah was brought into the world in Mecca in the Hejaz in the year 580. His dad Rabah was a Bedouin slave for the tribe of BanuJumah while his mom, Hamamah, was supposedly a previous princess of Abyssinia who was caught after the occasion of the Time of the Elephant and put into bondage. Being naturally introduced to servitude, Bilal had no other choice except to work for his lord, UmayyahibnKhalaf. Through difficult work, Bilal became perceived as a decent slave and shared the keys with the Icons of Arabia. Be that as it may, the bigotry and sociopolitical resolutions of Arabia kept Bilal from accomplishing a grandiose situation in society.

Persecution of Bilal

Bilal ibnRabah being whipped after he declared his Islamic Faith.

When Bilal’s slave master, UmayyahibnKhalaf, found out, he began to torture BilalAt the instigation of Abu Jahl, Umayyah bound Bilal and had him dragged around Mecca as children mocked him. Bilal refused to renounce Islam, instead repeating “AhadAhad” (God is one). Incensed at Bilal’s refusal, Umayyah ordered that Bilal be whipped and beaten while spread-eagled upon the Arabian sands under the desert sun, his limbs bound to stakes. When Bilal still refused to recant, Umayyah ordered that a hot boulder be placed on Bilal’s chest.[7] However, Bilal remained firm in belief and continued to say “AhadAhad”

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