Hazrat Hajra (AS)


Hazrat Hajra (just like) the spouse of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and the mother of Hazrat Ismail (as). Hazrat Ibrahim (just like) a Prophet of God who lived in Syria long ago. We have all heard the account of the incredible penance made by Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and Hazrat Ismail (as).

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) reminded us in his Eid message on 31st July 2020 that these penances were not simply restricted to Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and Hazrat Ismail (as), yet a similar soul of penance was shown by Hazrat Hajra (as).

Huzoor (aba) said that all ladies ought to take a gander at the case of Hazrat Hajra (as) and see how they should teach this soul inside themselves.

Huzoor (aba) made sense that we can’t view these episodes as simple stories; rather these occurrences are a model for us. At the point when each man endeavors to instill the case of Hazrat Ibrahim (as), when each lady attempts to teach the case of Hazrat Hajra (as) when each young person attempts to instill the case of Hazrat Ishmail (as); really at that time will a genuine change happen.

Marriage and birth of Hazrat Ismail (as)

At the point when Hazrat Ibrahim (as) was 75 years of age, God directed him to move. He traveled from Ur (Mesopotamia) to Harran and from that point to Canaan. At the point when He went through Egypt, the Lord was exceptionally intrigued by him and offered him a few gifts and a regal woman by the name of Hajra. Hazrat Ibrahim (as) was 85 years of age when he wedded Hazrat Hajra (as). He had no kids from his most memorable spouse Sara around then. He intensely petitioned God for a child. Allah heard his requests, and at the age of 86, a delightful child kid was brought into the world by him and Hazrat Hajra (as). Hazrat Ibrahim (as) named his child Ismail which signifies ‘God has heard (the request).

Story of penance

After the introduction of Hazrat Ismail (as), God wanted to test his dad through a troublesome preliminary. Allah said: “Ibrahim! Take the kid and his mom to the hopeless and fruitless desert of Arabia and leave them there.” The youngster had been brought into the world after extraordinary yearning and petition. Leaving him in such a barren spot would doubtlessly mean his excruciating passing. Hazrat Hajra (as) had been raised in a royal residence encompassed by wealth. To forsake her in the segregated wild would likewise intend to sentence her to death in no time.

Hazrat Ibrahim (as) knew these risks, however, his commitment to God was more grounded than his affection for his better half and child. With negligible water and a couple of dates, Hazrat Ibrahim (as) left them in this land. He put his total confidence in God and supplicated:

“Our Ruler, I have settled a portion of my descendants in an uncultivable valley close thy Hallowed House. Our Master, that they might notice petition. So make men’s heart slant towards them and give them foods grown from the ground they might be appreciative. Our Ruler, surely, Thou knowest what we leave well enough alone and what we spread the word about. Also, nothing whatever is stowed away from Allah, whether in the earth or in the paradise.” (14:38-39)

Hazrat Hajra (as) followed with her guiltless kid caught to her chest. At the point when this little gathering showed up in the barren valley where the city of Makkah is arranged today, Hazrat Ibrahim (as) halted. He put the little cowhide pack of water on the ground and gave over the sack of dates to his better half. When Hazrat Hajra saw him leave, she pursued him and asked him: “Are you leaving us here?”. He didn’t reply. Then she asked him again saying: “Would you say you are leaving us here by the order of God?”. Hazrat Ibrahim (as) couldn’t talk and just pointed toward the sky. She grasped this and said: “Then God won’t squander us”, and got back to the child.

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) says regarding this episode

“Her conviction and conviction in God was undaunted. Thus she had the option to complete these reverberating words. After hearing her words, which unquestionably arrived at the Lofty position of the All-powerful, God answered by saying that He would most likely never allowed them to go to squander. Furthermore, similarly as was normal, God compensated them tremendously. It was from their descendants that the Mark of Prophets the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (sa) came. Abraham (as) became father of otherworldliness and it is through his model and the standard set by him that one can arrive at God. God carried the whole world to the feet of the descendants of Ishmael (as) through the Blessed Prophet (sa). The penances of Hajra (as) are recognized by millions upon millions who rush to perform Umrah and Hajj.”

After the flight of her better half, Hazrat Hajra (as) started to consider how she would make do with a small kid in a spot like that. There was no tree apparent, nor some other type of asylum. She had no method for shielding her child from the intensity of the bursting sun. She needed to put Hazrat Ismail (as), on the stony ground.

At the point when the water in the little cowhide pack ran out, the small kid became fomented because of thirst. The mother’s heart was destroyed and she glanced around in franticness for water. In her condition of tension, she climbed the slope before her, wanting to maybe track down a spring of water, however it was futile. She descended and climbed one more slope inverse the first to search for water yet here as well, she met with disappointment. Then she pondered internally that perhaps the youngster had died and ran down the slope to keep an eye on him. The kid was as yet alive, yet had become more fragile. She contemplated internally: Let me climb the slope once again perhaps I’ll discover some indication of water. She climbed the slope a subsequent time and looked all over, however, tracked down no water. Crushed, she descended and ran up the second slope once again. In this manner, she made seven circuits of the two slopes, which are named Safa and Marwah. She would return each opportunity to beware of her valuable youngster and afterward climb the slope once more in extraordinary nervousness.

Certain episodes appear to be common from the get-go however they frequently have a great effect later on. The running of Hazrat Hajra (concerning) example between the two slopes turned into an unrivaled occasion ever. Right up until now, when Muslims assemble in Makkah for the recognition of Hajj, they run between the slopes of Safa and Marwah in memory of this occurrence.

Later ever, our Holy Prophet (saw) got over these authentic mountains and made the principal declaration of prophethood.

At the point when Hazrat Hajra (as) returned for the seventh time, she saw that the ground was wet where the youngster was striking his heels. She pushed ahead rapidly and started to scratch the earth. Her delight exceeded all rational limitations when water started emerging. As she proceeded to dig further, the progression of water expanded until it started streaming openly. The disheartened mother’s heart started to overflow with euphoria! Rapidly, she lifted the youngster and gave him a hydrate in the center of her hand. The kid was in this way restored and he woke up. Hazrat Hajra (as) was thrilled after seeing this and quickly tumbled down into surrender before God who, with His heavenly power, had made a spring emerge from the rough land. The water was all the while streaming and expanding in its amount. Seeing this, she immediately gathered stones and shaped a raised limit around the spring to save the water.

The water before long arrived at the edge of the stones and a kind of repository bowl was framed. There was consistently a deficiency of water in Arabia. Different clans used to meander all over, conveying their camps with them. They would settle down any place they found water and when the water dried out, they would continue on looking for another spring. Before long, a clan called Jurhum went through this area. They were shocked to see a lady and a kid living alone in that forlorn valley. They asked Hazrat Hajra (as): “Who are you and where have you come from?”. On hearing her story they shared with her that: “Assuming you permit us, we will settle down nearby around the spring. In this manner we’ll get water and you won’t need to live alone.”

Hazrat Hajra (as)was astounded at the inexplicable arrangement of God. She let the clan know that they could settle close to the spring. In return for water, she requested that they deal with food supplies for her as well as her kid. She likewise requested that they acknowledge her child as their central when he grew up.

Individuals of the clan acknowledged both these circumstances and settled there. this is the means by which the underpinning of Makkah was laid, the city where The Blessed Prophet (saw) was conceived. Today is the strict focus, everything being equal. A huge number of Muslims travel to Makka consistently to perform Hajj. The spring actually exists as well. It is known as Zam.

Around then there was no indication of something going on under the surface and no method for food at that spot. Anyway, God had so planned that this spot ought to turn into the location of the exercises of God’s last directive for humankind. Hazrat Hajra (as) and Hazrat Ismail (as) were picked as the vehicles for the execution of this heavenly arrangement.

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