Mosque Bani Haram and The Story of Sheep Sacrifice

Mosque Bani Haram is found where individuals of the Bani Haram clan used to reside; around then, this mosque was close by, so it was named Masjid Bani Haram. This mosque was where Muslims had set up their camps as they were getting ready for the Clash of Channels.

Jabir (RA), a sidekick of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, had a house at this spot. During the Clash of Channels, or Khandaq, a truly unbelievable occasion happened at Jabir’s (RA’s) home.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was eager, and Jabir (RA) saw it

Skirmish of the channel was one of the troublesome fights Muslims had at any point battled; they needed to dig an immense channel around them. Numerous diligent Muslims used to get exceptionally drained; however, they never grumbled. Jabir RA saw Prophet Muhammad PBUH was eager; Jabir RA went to his better half and requested that she plan food.

His significant other let him know that they have a little sheep and some grain, the main food left with them. Jabir RA requested that his better half cook the sheep and make bread from the grain she has in her home.

Jabir RA welcomed Prophet Muhammad PBUH with his ten additional partners

On the night of the following day, when Muslims were leaving the channel, its light turned out to be exceptionally faint for individuals to work; Jabir RA searched for Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He spotted Prophet Muhammad PBUH likewise leaving the channel. Jabir RA went to his PBUH and welcomed him for Supper.

Jabir RA needed to welcome Prophet Muhammad PBUH so he PBUH could eat well, as Jabir RA had an exceptionally restricted dinner in his home, so he just welcomed Prophet PBUH. In answer to this, Prophet Muhammad PBUH held Jabir RA’s hand and requested that he welcome any remaining allies to his home for Supper.

Jabir RA didn’t stress.

Jabir RA didn’t get stressed, not in any event; briefly, he discussed a refrain which signifies, “We are from Allah and to whom we will return.”, As Jabir RA was leaving for his home to have Supper for Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his mates, he was called by Muhammad Prophet PBUH. He educated him to wait to get the fire going or prepare bread until he (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) showed up.

At supper time, when Prophet PBUH showed up and took some meat and bread, and served it to 10 of his mates. Prophet Muhammad PBUH kept the broiler and the pot covered. At the point when those ten sidekicks had eaten, then, at that point, the following ten came and ate. Incredibly individuals continued to come in 10 and would, in any case, eat; however, the food was there for significantly more than ten individuals to eat.

Food was still there until every one of them had eaten. At the point when Prophet Muhammad PBUH revealed the cover and the pot, there were still sheep and bread left. So Prophet Muhammad PBUH requested that Jabir RA eat and circulate it to the excess individuals who are eager. Subhan Allah! a little sheep and simply a little proportion of scarcely had fulfilled yearning of quite a large number!

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