Rabi ul Awal

The period of Rabi ul Awal 2022 is supposed to begin on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022, or Wednesday, September 28th, 2022, and the twelfth Rabi ul Awal 2022 or Eid Milad un Nabi 2022 will probably be seen on the eleventh or twelfth of October, 2022. Nonetheless, the specific date of Rabi ul Awal 2022 relies upon your area and the location of the Moon during Rabi ul Awal 1444.

The long stretch of Rabi al Awwal

The third month of the Islamic Calendar, otherwise called Hijri Schedule.

In Arabic, “rabbi” signifies spring, while “al awwal” means the first. Thus Rabbi ul Awwal overall converts into ‘The Main Spring.’

Rabi ul Awal is the preceding month in Islamic history since humanity has been honored in this month by the introduction of the Heavenly Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.), which is the most critical and striking occasion in humanity’s set of experiences. Thus, this month is known as the period of the birth of our dearest Prophet (S.A.W.).

The long stretch between the birth of Prophet (S.A.W.) and his death

Before the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) was conceived, individuals lived in a condition of obliviousness and obscurity. They revered various divinities. They were straying from the way of Allah. As the Prophet (S.A.W.) was conceived, he carried the Message of Truth, Allah, and His Unity. This message drove individuals towards the way of illumination, assisting them with recognizing good and evil.

One of the main benefits of our Prophet (S.A.W.) is that he is the remainder of all Prophets (A.S.), and no Prophet will come after him. Mohammad (S.A.W.) will stay the Prophet for all humanity till the apocalypse. As Allah says in Quran:

“… . He (S.A.W.) is the Courier of Allah and the last (finish) of the Prophets. Also, Allah is Ever all aware of all things.” (The Sura Ahzab 33:40)

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) represents the embodiment of flawlessness. He is the excellent example picked for us by Allah, and we are to follow his Sunnah to lead an ideal way of life that isn’t simply characterized to us by religion yet is, as a matter of fact, valuable for all humankind if we somehow manage to follow it. Allah Says in Quran:

“For sure in the Courier of Allah (Muhammad S.A.W.), you have a genuine guide to follow for him who trusts in (the Gathering with) Allah and the Last Day and recalls Allah much.” (Surah Ahzab 33:21)

Undoubtedly, the life of the Prophet (S.A.W.) is the main wellspring of direction for all Muslims. The Prophet (S.A.W.) is a benevolence upon us and all universes and manifestations of Allah. As Allah Says in Quran:

“What’s more, We have sent you (O Muhammad S.A.W.) not yet as a kindness for the ‘Alamin (humanity, jinns and all that exists).” (Surah Anbiya 21:107)

So every Muslim ought to learn and follow the reasonable models he set in each part of life.

Eid Milad un Nabi:

Most Muslims trust that the Blessed Prophet (S.A.W.) was brought into the world in the long stretch of Rabi ul Awal, even though there is no agreement on the actual date.

In certain pieces of Europe, the U.S.A., Canada, South East Asia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, most Muslims celebrated 12 Rabi ul Awal as the birthday of the Prophet (S.A.W.). They called this day ‘Eid Milad un Nabi.’ They observe ‘Eid Milad un Nabi’ with much intensity and excitement. They commend this day by holding ‘Milad’ (applauding Prophet S.A.W. by a writer), holding parades, trading gifts, enlightening mosques, and other such exercises.

In Center East and other encompassing nations, Muslims don’t commend this occasion either on 12 Rabi ul Awal or some other day of this current month since Prophet (S.A.W.) or his Sidekicks (R.A.) have never praised the birthday of Prophet (S.A.W.) or some other Prophet (A.S.).

Thus, a few Muslims commend the occasion of Milad un Nabi, and a few don’t praise this day.


What is truly significant for all Muslims is to follow the lessons of the Blessed Prophet (S.A.W.) and carry on with our lives as per his Sunnah. This requires steady and reliable endeavors from all Muslims.

“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): The Most Unassuming and Humble”

May Allah direct all of us to the endowments of the Superb Quran and the Sunnah of His Courier (S.A.W.).


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