Saad ibn Ubada, the Ansari Candidate for Caliphate

Saad ibn ubada was the head of the khazraj clan of medina. The Khazraj and the Aus, the two clans of the Ansar, had separated themselves by their administrations to Islam. Their administrations were recognized even by Abu Bakr when he was squabbling and haggling with them in Saqifa.

In the skirmishes of Islam, the Ansar were constantly in the front. They battled against the consolidated could of the multitude of misguided worshipers of Arabia. Abu Qatada, an Ansari, asserted with truth that no clan in all Arabia had delivered a bigger number of saints for Islam than the Ansar. More Ansaris were killed in guarding Islam than men of some other clan.

In the past Islam was “destitute.” No clan in Arabia offered asylum and friendliness to Islam and to its Prophet aside from the Ansar. They welcomed Muhammad to be their visitor, and they made him the ruler of their city – Yathrib (Medina).

It was the city of the Ansar that won the honor and the magnificence of being the support and the capital of Islam. It was in their city that Muhammad, the Courier of God, constructed the “structure” of the first and the keep going Realm of Paradise on The planet.

In A.D. 623 (2 Hijri), Muhammad drove a campaign to Waddan, and he named Saad ibn Ubada as legislative leader of Medina during his own nonappearance. Saad, accordingly, was the main legislative head of Medina.

In the clash of Uhud, the Messenger of God gave the pennant of the Khazraj to Saad. In similar fight, the Muslims were crushed. Except for 14 colleagues, every other person escaped from the war zone. Saad was one of these 14 legends who battled against the adversary, and shielded the Missionary of God.

In the endeavor of Mustaliq and in the attack of Medina (the clash of Khandaq), Saad conveyed the flag of the Ansar.

In 6 Hijri the Missionary went on a mission and he delegated Saad legislative leader of Medina in his nonappearance.

The Ansar had two pioneers, Saad ibn Ubada and Saad ibn Mua’dh. Saad ibn Mua’dh passed on from an injury he got in the skirmish of Khandaq. After his demise, Saad ibn Ubada was the sole head of the Ansar.

In Saqifa, the Ansar let Saad know that he was the worthiest man to be the khalifa, and they pronounced their help for his application.

Saad was renowned for his liberality. Now and again he engaged upwards of 80 visitors. Anybody – companion or outsider, could rely on his cordiality.

Saad wouldn’t make the vow of faithfulness to Abu Bakr. After three years, he left Medina, went to Syria and settled there. He was in Syria when he was hit by a bolt shot by some obscure individual, and he accordingly kicked the bucket in baffling conditions.

Saad ibn Ubada was the first and the last Ansari ever to turn into a possibility for khilafat. He didn’t turn into a khalifa. In Saqifa, the entryway of khilafat was banged despite the Ansar, and they were closed out forever.

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