Safar is the second month of the Islamic (Hijri) schedule, the first being the holy month of Muharram, which is one of the four hallowed for a very long time of the year, appointed by Allah (SWT). Albeit consistently, hour, week, and month of life hold valuable open doors for the Adherent, the period of Safar offers no explicitly huge strict dates for Muslims. It is, in any case, a time of verifiable importance because of the occasions that happened in the existence of the dearest Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

What is Safar?

The long stretch of Safar is the second month of the Islamic (Hijri) schedule. It holds no particular importance according to a strict viewpoint. Yet, there are a few fascinating verifiable realities about Safar and, specifically, the acts of the Mushrikeen amid Jahiliyyah (the Time of Obliviousness). It is said that the month was called Safar by Bedouins of the pre-Islamic period. This is because the word comes from a similar root letter as the word in Arabic for movement. Hence it was named to show that the Makkans would leave Makkah and travel during this month. Their homes would be left ‘unfilled’ as individuals went out of town to look for arrangements throughout the colder time of year, leaving the mouth open to a few misguided judgments and odd notions related to shortages during pre-Islamic times.

When is Safar?

The long stretch of Safar will start in the future on the 29th of August, 2022. It is the second month of the Hijri schedule and comes after the holy month of Muharram.

By and large, the long stretch of Safar was the point at which a death endeavor against the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) occurred.

On the 27th day of Safar, a gathering of people from each sub-faction of Quraysh endeavored to kill the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by monitoring the exit of his home to keep him from making Hijrah to Medina and spreading the message of Islam.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) made due because of a pre-advance notice. He had his cousin, the bold buddy Ali container AbiTalib (RA), rest in his bed in his stead to befuddle the devious professional killers. When the professional killers saw Ali (RA) turning out in the first part of the day, they kept from striking and understood that the Prophet (PBUH) had escaped. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had the option to escape Makkah and the endeavored death and start constructing the underpinnings of his mosque in the delightful city of Medina.

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