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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ met Prophet Yusuf (alaihi salaam) the evening of Miraj (Rising) and portrayed him in the accompanying words: “I saw Yusuf (tranquility of Allah arrive) who had been given portion of (world) magnificence. He invited me petitioned God for my prosperity.” Prophet Yusuf (alaihi salaam) was very lovely in his appearance. Anyway in a hadith the Prophet’s significant other and mother of the devotees Aisha (r.a) said “on the off chance that the ones who saw Yusuf (aalaihi salaam) cut their hands seeing the magnificence of Yusuf. They would have slit their jugulars assuming they saw my Yusuf.” (alluding to Prophet Muhammad) Some might say that Aisha (r.a) might be overstating because of her gigantic love for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Anyway on the off chance that we read about the general character and appearance as depicted to us then she might be extremely right all things considered. Despite the fact that Yusuf (a.s) was given lovely face, our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was given magnificence in front of him as well as his figure, character, habits, propensities, deeds, revering and every one of his activities, in nearly all that we can track down about him.

A real portrayal of Imam Hassan ibn Ali (r.a) who described from his maternal uncle named Rear Canister Abi Haalah (r.a) (a stage sibling of Fatima (r.a)) who depicted the Prophet ﷺ in the accompanying words:

“He had extraordinary characteristics and traits in him, others additionally held him in high regard. His mubarak (favored) face sparkled like the full moon. He was marginally taller than a man of center level, yet more limited than a tall individual. His mubarak (favored) head was modestly enormous. His mubarak (favored) hair was somewhat turned. Assuming his hair became separated normally in the center he left it in this way, any other way he didn’t constantly try to part his hair in the center. Rasoolullah ﷺ had an extremely glowing tone, and a wide brow. He had thick and fine hair on his eye foreheads. Both eye foreheads were discrete and didn’t compromise. There was a vein between them that used to extend when he ended up being irate. His nose was unmistakable and had a nur (Light) and gloss on it. At the point when one previously taken a gander at him, maybe he had a huge nose, yet seeing it painstakingly showed that the shine and magnificence made it look enormous, generally in itself the nose was not huge. His facial hair was full and thick. The student of his eye was dark. His cheeks were endlessly loaded with tissue. The mouth of Rasoolullah ﷺ was modestly wide. (He didn’t have a little mouth). His teeth were slim and brilliant. The front teeth had a slight space between them. There was a slim line of hair from the chest to the navel. Other than this line neither the chest nor the stomach had other hair on it. His neck was wonderful and meager, similar to the neck of a sculpture shaved spotless, the shade of which was clear, sparkling and lovely like silver. Every one of the pieces of his body were of moderate size, and completely fleshed. His body was proportionately jointed. His chest and stomach were in line, however his chest was expansive and wide. The space between his shoulders was wide. The bones of his joints serious areas of strength for were enormous (signifying strength). At the point when he took off his dress, his body looked splendid and had a brilliance for example those pieces of the body that were not covered by his dress were splendid and sparkling, contrasted and those pieces of the body that were covered by his attire. His lower arm was long and palms were wide. The palms and the two feet were completely fleshed. The fingers and toes were decently lengthy. The bottoms of his feet were a piece profound. His feet were smooth, on account of their tidiness and perfection the water didn’t stay there yet streamed away rapidly. At the point when he strolled, he lifted his legs with energy, inclined somewhat forward and put his feet delicately on the ground. He strolled at a speedy speed and made rather a long stride. He didn’t make little strides. At the point when he strolled maybe he was plummeting to a lower place. At the point when he took a gander at something he turned his entire body towards it. He generally peered down (because of humbleness). His sight was centered more to the ground than towards the sky. His propensity was to peer down towards the ground, however he additionally hung tight for the wahi (disclosure), thusly while holding up he frequently looked towards the sky. In any case he ordinarily peered down towards the ground. His humble propensity was to take a gander at something with a light eye, for example he took a gander at a thing, with unobtrusiveness and timidity, subsequently he didn’t gaze at anything. While strolling he asked the Sahabah (Allies) to stroll in front, and he, at the end of the day, strolled behind. He made salaam (harmony and good tidings) to whomsoever he met.”

Driving researcher Hamza Yusuf illuminates us how such a depiction regarding his favored appearance has had an effect among Muslims all through the long stretches of conveying this custom: “One of things about the ulema, they say mahabba (love) for most individuals emerges out of three things. The first is the actual love. You see something delightful and your heart slants towards it. So He put the adoration for excellence in the hearts of people. The ulema have kept up with the actual depiction of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in light of the fact that that is a degree of mahabba — to really hear how wonderful he was. He was the most gorgeous person. He was more lovely than Yusuf (Joseph). One of the gifts of this ummah is that we have a precise depiction of the Prophet ﷺ, maybe you are checking him out. There was a craving to keep the depiction of the Prophet ﷺ so individuals could have an actual fascination with him as well as the primary phase of affection.”

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