The Story of Hazrat Fatima (A.S), daughter of the Holy Prophet

The Prophet of Islam had just a single girl named Fatima. Her mom Khadija had two different little girls from her two prior relationships. At the point when The Prophet wedded her, the two little girls accompanied her mom to reside in the place of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (A.S) was conceived five years before Bethat when Muhammad (SAW) was around 35 years of age and her mom Khadija was around 50 years of age. She has numerous different titles. Zahra (Woman of Light) and Sayyidatun Nisa al Alamin (Head of the ladies of the universes). The Date of her introduction to the world was twentieth Jamad al Akhar. After the passing of her mom Khadija, she cared for her dad the Prophet of Islam so ardently that Muhammad (S) used to refer to her as “Umme Abiha”, for example the mother her dad. This was the hardest time for the family in light of the fact that around the same time Abu Talib who was the defender of Muhammad (S) from the ill will of the Quraish additionally kicked the bucket around the same time as Khadija. Muhammad (S) wedded Umme Salama, an old widow after the demise of Khadija to have somebody to take care of the family errands. At the point when Umme Salama was mentioned to coach the kid Fatima, the shrewd lady answered “How might I mentor one who is the representation of high ethics and virtue. I ought to gain from her.” Her young life, consequently, was passed in an extremely pure and humble climate. It was then that she saw her respected dad teaching Islam in the most threatening air. The antagonism of the Quraish after the passing of Abu Talib and Khadija was the most grounded. Fatima saw and dressed the injuries supported by her dad because of the stones tossed on him by the non-devotees who were ho to the proclaiming of Islam. She could have heard and seen that specific pitiful ladies flung refuse on her honorable dad. She could have learnt of the plans made to stop her dad’s life. Yet, from everything Fatima was neither terrified nor dampened. She support her dad, kept an eye on his injuries even at that youthful age. The whole family was covered with billows of pitiful gas a consequence of the practically day to day embarrassment and joke to which her most respected father was oppressed.


At the point when the relocation occurred, Fatima was left in Makka with the remainder of the Family which incorporated her step mother Umme Salama, ‘Ali’s (as) mother Fatima binte Asad and numerous others. ‘Ali (as) was responsible for the family. He remained in Makka for an additional 3 days to offer back the stores to the Makkans who depended these to the Prophet for safety’s sake. In the wake of satisfying this obligation ‘Ali (as) carried the family to Madina


Following one year’s visit in Madina when Fatima (sa) was around 18 years of age that proposition for marriage started to be gotten by the Prophet who cordially wouldn’t acknowledge by just saying that it is in the possession of Allah, that he was anticipating Allah’s announcement in this. Fatima (sa)was the model of Prophet’s instructing among ladies similarly as ‘Ali (just like) the best encapsulation of his directions and masculine characteristics among men. They were the most appropriate couple to be hitched. Be that as it may, ‘Ali (as) was too humble to even consider talking about it. After some influence from companions he at long last went to see the Prophet in the mosque and proposed for marriage. Prophet informed Fatima and found out if she would endorse. Subsequent to accepting her assent the marriage of Fatima (sa) and ‘Ali (as) occurred in the most straightforward way. ‘Ali (as) sold his safeguard of reinforcement for 200 Dirhams, carried the cash to the Sacred Prophet who added a comparative sum and requested that his buddies purchase family products to set up home for the Heavenly Family. Marriage was solemnized by the Prophet himself and after marriage the couple went to reside in a different house close to the Place of the Prophet around the Mosque.


Hassan (as) was brought into the world in the third year of Hijra, Husayn (as) was brought into the world in the fourth year of Hijra, Zainab was brought into the world in the sixth year of Hijra, Umme Kulthoom was brought into the world in the seventh year of Hijra. It was in the very house that the popular Section of Sanitization (Surah 33.Verse 33) was uncovered on the Blessed Prophet and its portrayal by Fatima has become so well known that it is perused in each Muslim house as Hadith-e-Kisa. The Perusing of this Hadith carries gifts to the household.(Tafseer-e-Kabir by Al-Razi). It was in a similar house where this favored family abstained for three days persistently without consuming any food giving their Iftari to a bum, a vagrant and a detainee who showed up at their entryway and requested food. The Stanza in Surah Dahr uncovered in commendation of their very altruistic demonstration in the method of Allah. It was in a similar house where each day the Sacred Prophet remained outside and said uproariously “Assalamo Alaikum Ya Ahlebaitin Nubuwwah” Harmony and gifts on individuals of the Family of the Nabi. There was such a lot of regard in the core of the Blessed Prophet for Fatima (sa) that at whatever point Fatima (sa) showed up in the mosque of the Prophet, the Heavenly Prophet rose up to regard her. This motion was likewise to show the associates regard for ladies for the most part which was deficient in the Bedouin society of the day. These demonstrations of the Prophet were to show the sidekicks that this house and its tenants have a unique spot in the method of Allah and that this status ought to be kept up with after the passing of the Prophet. Sadly this was not finished as the Sacred Prophet expected his allies to do. History lets us know a few exceptionally miserable minutes associated with this house. After the passing of the Prophet when ‘Ali (as) didn’t emerge to give his promise of loyalty to Abubakr, the entryway of the house was torched to get him out and in the process Fatima (sa) was harmed. Her fifth unborn kid passed on due to this unforgiving activity of a portion of the buddies and she, when all is said and done, kicked the bucket in something like 3 months of the demise of her Sacred dad. The accompanying lines of verse show her difficulty after the demise of her blessed dad obviously. “After the demise of my dad My sufferings were perfect to the point that assuming that such difficulties fell upon days, the days would transform into evenings.” Fatima (sa) was an image of womanhood in Islam. How a girl, a spouse and a mother ought to act in their customary lives. She was given to her dad, cared for him when he was in trouble by the hands of the non-devotees of Makka, she was the praiseworthy spouse, sovereign of her family at this point reasonable for her servant worker Fizza to split family tasks among herself and the house cleaner worker, she was a faithful wife and the most cherishing mother to her youngsters. There were events when there was no nourishment for the family, yet she could never gripe. Once ‘Ali (as) went out to accomplish a work to get nourishment for the family yet returned with nothing. Fatima asked ‘Ali (as) what has been going on with the food. ‘Ali (as) said that he brought in a few cash and purchased food, yet while coming back he met a few poor hungry people and offered all the food to them. At the point when the Prophet knew about this present circumstance he brought a few nourishment for the family and let them know that ‘Ali’s beneficent demonstration was of the best worth according to Allah. The entire family was grateful to Allah and there were no bad things to say against anybody. She would go to the mosque of the Prophet to partake in the requests with every one of the women, she would go out in the front line to tend the injured. In the skirmish of Ohud when her dad was harmed she tended him, cleaned his injuries, put some consumed fleece on the injuries to stop blood streaming. At the point when the Blessed Prophet recuperated, he said thanks to her for her extraordinary work in the combat zone.

Passing Of Hazrat Fatima (sa)

On third of the long stretch of Jamad al Thani Hazrat Fatima (sa) kicked the bucket. This was around 90 days after the passing of her Heavenly dad. Asma binte Umais in a similar house to assist her family with working recounts the tale of her passing in an extremely moving way. At the point when the day showed up she arranged nourishment for her youngsters, then, at that point, she let Asma know that she was going to her request room. She would agree that Takbeer boisterously at different stretches. At the point when Asma doesn’t hear the sound of Takbeer she ought to go out to the mosque and tell Hazrat ‘Ali (as) about the demise of his significant other. In the event that meanwhile the kids return home give them food prior to enlightening them regarding the demise of their mom. Hasan and Husain showed up and Usma brought some nourishment for them. They said they don’t eat without their mom and she needed to tell the offspring of the passing of their mom. Both went into the request room and remained with her for some time. Hazrat ‘Ali (as) showed up and ready for the last rituals. At the point when he was giving her last shower he cried boisterously. Asma asked the explanation and he said he was unable to bear to see the injury close by when the entryway of the house fell on her because of uproar by a portion of the friends of the Prophet when they generally needed ‘Ali (as) to emerge from the house for the vow of Devotion to Abubakr. In the wake of playing out the last ceremonies she was taken to the graveyard of Baqii in the murkiness of the night for entombment. Not many relatives were available at the entombment of the little girl of the Prophet. A few students of history say that she was covered in her own home which turned out to be important for the Masjid-e-Nabavi during the rule of Umavi Caliph Umar Ibne Abdul Aziz.

Jannatul Baqii

This is a plot of land not a long way from where the mosque of the prophet stood and the places of his friends around it were worked as residing quarters. This land was utilized as a burial ground for the Muslims. The popular essayist Mustafawi writes in Nuzhatul Qulub, “The burial ground of Madina called Baqii misleads the west of the town and here is seen the grave of Ibrahim, Prophet’s just child and furthermore the grave of his little girl Fatima. There are graves of Prophets amazing child Imam Hasan, Imam ‘Ali Ibnul Husayn Zainul Abedeen, Imam Muhammad Baqir and Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) . For quite a long time there has been a marble piece over their graves and on this is composed: for the sake of God, The Kind, The Empathetic Recognition be to God Who supports the countries and Who gives life to dead bones. Here is the burial chamber of Fatima, the little girl of the messenger of God and the sovereign of the ladies of the world. Here is likewise the burial place of Hasan Ibne ‘Ali; Here is additionally the burial place of ‘Ali Ibnul Husayn; Here is likewise the burial chamber of Muhammad Ibne ‘Ali al Baqir; Here is additionally the burial place of Ja’far Ibne Muahammad As-Sadiq. May God favor them all. The burial ground of Baqii was annihilated by the Wahabis in 1932. . A cutting edge essayist depicts the scene thusly: 1. At the point when I entered the Baqii the sight which I saw was as though it were a town which had been raised to the ground. All around the burial ground nothing was to be seen except for minimal endless hills of earth and stones, bits of wood, iron bars, blocks of stone and a messed up rubble of concrete and blocks flung about. It resembled the messed up stays of a town which had been obliterated by an earth shudder. Everything was a wild of demolished building material and gravestones, not destroyed by an easygoing hand, but rather raked away from their places and ground little.” The essayist of this book likewise visited Baqii in 1995 and found that the specialists have raised a wall around the entire area of Baqii consolidating additionally the jewish piece of the graveyard in it to make it into one tremendous graveyard. A stage was fabricated right external the wall where individuals can stand and see the graves of the Heavenly Ma’sumeen and shed a tear or two. Individuals were permitted to enter the inward circle of the wall after the Fajr petitions for two hours yet were not permitted to go close to the graves. They needed to remain around 30 feet from the spot and can see the frameworks of the graves. Other than 5 Ma’sumeen, there was an imprint for the grave of Hazrat Fatima Bine Asad, mother of Imam ‘Ali (as) . Here the most dearest girl of the Sacred Prophet along with her kids and grandkids lie in wild without even a burial place stone over them.

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