The story of Prophet Suleman (A.S)

The existence of our Prophets isn’t just a model for us, however its an illustration in a personal way. Each Prophet who have ever stepped the earth abandoned consistent stories and illustrations important than a pile of gold. WE not just figure out how to carry on with our lives following their means yet we additionally figure out how to beleive in our Solitary Allah through their accounts.

It is portrayed that when Hazrat Suleman was conceded authority over all the world, he chose to take care of the relative multitude of animals dwelling on the planet, to respect his realm. So he petitioned Allah and requested that he permit to deal with the food framework for an entire year for everybody, except Allah denied the solicitation replieng that is all there is to it outside the realm of possibilities for him to do as such, hazrat Suleman mentioned for one month still he was denied, he mentioned for seven days still he was denied, then, at that point, he mentioned for a day , and Allah denied replieng that its unimaginable for him to do as such for one day even. he mentioned for one time, so Allah allowed him to take care of His animals for a piece of a day.

Hazrat Suleman requested Jinn ( Phantoms ) and people to gather all the food avaiable on earth be it for a flesh eater or a herbivore. So food was gathered for 3 or a half year. He then arranged them to be cooked in enormous cookers and skillet, and requested the breeze to continue to blow over it with the goal that it wont decay when the dining experience will start.

when everything was prepared, Allah asked Hazrat Suleman who might he want to recieve as visitor first? the land animals? or then again animals from water? Hazrat Suleman settled on the fishes. so Allah sent forward one of the greatest fish living in the ocean.

When the fish approached it asked Hazrat Suleman “Is it genuine that you have sent an open greeting to us all today?”

Hazrat Suleman answered “Indeed, and you are the first, so begin eating anything you like”

the fish began to eat from one end and it continued eating until it ate all the food that had ben gathered over months, when everything was exhausted it turned towards Hazrat Suleman and said “O Suleman I’m as yet hungry feed me!”

Hazrat Suleman was starving he answered “You ate all the food that I had gathered for other people regardless you demand to be taken care of?”

the fish was replled by his response, it answered “O Suleman is this is the way in which you treat your visitor? Ineed ! you ought to realize that Allah takes care of me this much three times each day the entire life and for sure you have turned into a justification behind halting my food today”

At the point when Hazrat Suleman heard this he showed homage Allah lauding His Authority.

So my family have you at any point halted in your life and considered how this world is moving? how consistently everything functions so deliberately, the sun ascends at its exact time the evenings falls at its exact time? why not so much as a negligible portion of a shortcoming happens in this framework? how can it be the case? who is controlling it!! my companions learn structure the stoires of the Prophets … they were shipped off show you significant examples… to show you what allah’s identity is ! Acclaim Allah for He is the Only one worth of Commendation!!!

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