Yunus Ibn Matta (alluded to Jonah in English) was a Courier of Allah shipped off Nineveh, a city in northern Iraq with a populace of more than a hundred thousand. Prophet Yunus was apparently a customary man who was brought up among the compatriots of Nineveh.

The thriving city of Nineveh had long failed to remember the message of Allah and turned into a city loaded up with icon venerating and sin. Allah chose to send Prophet Yunus, a man brought into the world among them, as a Courier to direct them to His way — the way of light.

Prophet Yunus promptly set off to satisfy his Ruler’s desire and welcomed his kin to go to Allah and avoid icon love. Be that as it may, individuals of Nineveh dismissed Yunus, similarly as numerous countries dismissed the prophets and couriers before him. Yunus was not prevented; he kept on calling them to the love of Allah, helping them to remember the awful rage of Allah that was aimed at Promotion, Thamud and individuals of Nuh.

However, they dismissed this and said, “We and our ancestors have adored these divine beings for a long time and no mischief has come to us.”

Prophet Yunus needed to help them and was tireless, he didn’t abandon his kin; notwithstanding their obliviousness and cruel words, he kept on advance notice them of Allah’s discipline.

“Allow it to work out”, the men giggled, and informed Yunus that they were not the most un-scared of his vacant dangers. Prophet Yunus was debilitated; he abandoned his kin. Without the consent of Allah, he chose to leave the city of Nineveh in order to find a local area far away that would acknowledge him and enter the crease of Islam.

The quiet skies over Nineveh before long became red with outrage getting ready to let out the rage of Allah. Everyone assembled at the mountain ridges watching the battle of the skies above them with hearts loaded up with dread.

They before long recalled Yunus’ admonition of Allah’s discipline and dreaded the quandary of Promotion, Thamud, and individuals of Nuh. With recently discovered confidence, they groveled; with their hands loosened up they started to ask for Allah’s pardoning and benevolence. Moved by this showcase of true apology, Allah lifted His discipline, excused his subjects and showered his endowments upon them. As the skies cleared, individuals appealed to God for the protected return of their darling Prophet Yunus, so he could direct them through the way of Allah.

In the mean time, Prophet Yunus, who had left Nineveh, had loaded up a little traveler transport fully intent on going as distant from his kin as could really be expected. The boat went through the quiet waters during the day; however as the night shut in, a tempest seethed on shaking the boat fiercely forward and backward. The group and travelers started to fear for their lives as the ocean water continuously started flooding into the deck, gradually sinking the boat.

As the storm went on as the night progressed, the Commander of boat requested his men to toss out the bags and any remaining abundance load over the edge to relieve the boat’s burden. As educated, the team tossed out the boat’s overabundance load; be that as it may, the boat kept on sinking as it was still excessively weighty. The Commander was left with no decision — he needed to forfeit the existence of one man on the off chance that he wished to save the existences of his team and travelers. As it was a typical practice among men during those times, the Skipper chose to attract parts to pick the traveler to be forfeited.

The parcels were cast and Prophet Yunus’ name was chosen. The men realize that Yunus was a youthful, honorable, legitimate and a favored man, so they would not toss him out and consented to draw parcels once more.

So the parcels were projected, and Yunus’ name showed up once more. The men wouldn’t toss Yunus saying, “We won’t dispose of Yunus. He is our approval on the boat. He is the best man we have on the boat; we won’t dispose of him.” So they drew parcels for the third time, and Yunus’ named showed up once more! The men were perplexed, however Prophet Yunus realize that this was the decision of Allah for he had left his kin without his Master’s assent. So Yunus leaped out of the boat into the dull, irate waves in sea.

As Allah told, the biggest whale in the sea gulped Yunus similarly as he hit the water. Yunus, who was oblivious, stirred to end up wrapped by sheer haziness.

He accepted he was in his grave; yet as his faculties stirred, he understood that he was not in his grave but rather was as a matter of fact in the stomach of a huge fish.

Somewhere down in the stomach of the whale, Prophet Yunus prostrated to Allah and said, “O Allah, I’m prostrating to you where nobody has prostrated to you previously, in the stomach of a fish.” He then, at that point, shouted to Allah, rehashing, “None has the privilege to be venerated however You. Celebrated be You. Really, I have been among the transgressors.” The animals of the remote ocean heard the summons of Yunus, and accumulated around the whale to join along in the festival of the gestures of recognition of Allah.

Allah, the Most-Tolerant, was enormously moved by Yunus’ contrition. He instructed the whale to let out His Courier at the closest shore. The whale complied with Allah’s order and swam to the closest shore and launched out Yunus. Yunus’ body was excited because of the acids in the whale’s stomach. He had no insurance against the sun and twist so Allah instructed a tree to develop over Yunus to give him food and shade. Allah excused him and informed him that on the off chance that it were not for his earnest summons, Yunus would keep on being in the stomach of the whale till the Day of Judgment.

At the point when Yunus was totally recuperated, he made a trip back to Nineveh to finish his central goal. After showing up at his old neighborhood, Yunus was dazed — the whole populace of Nineveh had acknowledged Islam and were anticipating his appearance. Along with his kin, Yunus prostrated to his Ruler and said thanks to him for every one of His endowments.

Yunus was the main Prophet whose whole local area acknowledged Islam. Allah expressed in the Heavenly Quran with respect to individuals of Yunus Ibn Matta: “Was there any town local area that trusted in the wake of seeing the discipline, and its Confidence at that point, saved it from the discipline? (the response is none) — with the exception of individuals of Yunus; when they accepted, We eliminated from them the torture of shame in the existence of the current world, and allowed them to appreciate for some time.” [Surah Yunus Ayat 98]

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